problem every day!!!

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someone working to fix this browser or how every day same huge problem...

1browser not save last sesion

2.load page to 70-80% and think what is this a pit stop???! i try same page in another browser is ok reaction when i touch link!? i need to try 20 - 30 time in some case to open link??!

3.frezze when work with write field like this many time, the cursor change location.. aaaaaaaa fix this issue

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Hi Night_Hunter,

Thank you for reaching out.

Really sorry for all these inconveniences.

1.For the last session issue, do you use Maxthon account? You may try to search "Last opened" from browsing history.

2.For the page loading issue, any link to test? You may disable adblock and try again.

3.Is the problem confined with some specific links?

4.Freezing problem could be due to adblock, you may disable it and try again.

Please provide us with more specific details. We will be more than happy to help you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for your support!

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