Drag and drop doesn't work with Microsoft's OneDrive


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hohansen replied at 2015-1-24 06:16 back.gif

@Oliver One, I have connected ONE Microsoft account with Windows 8.1, but have a few. Anyway, this w ...


Why don't you drag&drop locally and let OneDrive sync. That's what I do and it works just fine.

post3dmg4_zps398d3651.jpgWindows 10 64-bit build 10525/Windows 10 Mobile build 10512

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Oliver One replied at 2015-1-24 05:12

With which version of Maxthon it has functioned?


Can't remember, it was a long time since I used it.

It was when OneDrive announced:

"Folder uploads via OneDrive.com

While today’s announcements mostly feature improvements to the desktop experience, there’s one more popular feature request we received for the OneDrive website. We’re pleased to announce that today we’re releasing the ability for you to drag folders directly into OneDrive.com from browsers where folder dragging/dropping is supported (specifically Google Chrome)." https://blog.onedrive.com/onedrive-now-supports-10-gb-files/

I am pretty sure that I could (and did) upload folders to OneDrive using Maxthon (Ultra Mode) when I first saw the OneDrive announcement.

Now I can't drag and drop anything in Ultra mode, BUT drag and drop still works in Retro mode (files only, not with folders).

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so i have a onedrive account and you can drag files from your desktop to the browser to upload them. ...



Sorry for this inconvenience brought to you.

The issue you mentioned has been confirmed as a bug, we have forwarded it to relevant developer team.

Please stay tuned.

Thanks again.

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For the last few versions this hasn't been working. Dragging and dropping files to upload to OneDrive. For example, dragging a file from a folder or desktop into Maxthon window with OneDrive open doesn't work. Works on Maxthon 3 no problem. Works on every other browser. Doesn't work on the latest beta version of cloud browser.

Last working version...I don't know...I tried it in Maxthon under Windows 7 64bit Home Premium but It does not working with that version neither.  :devil: 

What Maxthon 3 version do you tried and Windows version do you have?

Update [18-06-2015] >>>

After the last OneDrive.com design update "Dragging and dropping files to upload to OneDrive" is now working flawlessly (with Maxthon Cloud Browser Ultra and Retro mode as well).  :top: 

Read more >

Delivering a more beautiful OneDrive | OneDrive Blog


...more screenshots of the new ui >

Hands-on with the new OneDrive.com re-design


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