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March 24th, Bugs and Suggestions Progress

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Hello again,

Today we are very excited to let you all know about how is the progress of reported bugs.

This last week our developers have managed to fix two new bugs, the bug with Canvas effects that were not supported in maxthon and the bug that Blocked contents in ABP were not displayed correctly.

The Apostrophe sign and line break issue has not been solved yet, but we hope to get it fixed in the new browser core.

That's all for bug fix progress status at the moment.

Hope your browsing experience gets better and better.

Thanks for your continuous support.

Have a nice time.:)




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Oliver One replied at 2015-3-24 18:53 back.gif

Point 15 was fixed with which version? Still exist with!

Hi, sorry, this fix will realize in the new version which will be released around next week, sorry we marked fixed early.

Please stay tuned.


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