Youtube download with floatbar not working

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Hi spideyhuman,

Happy to have here.

To download youtube videos you can use Maxthon's Resource Sniffer . This is a smart tool which recognizes the different types of media files on the webpages and allow bulk download of them.

You can find Resource sniffer icon at the right of the address bar.

Another way to download youtube video to hover the mouse over the video for short peiod, a small toolbar appears at the upper right corner of the video.It has a popup and a Save button what actually is a menu.

I hope this information is helpful to you.


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Oliver One replied at 2015-1-29 19:34 back.gif

Only if Flash is used, not with HTML5!

And it still doesn't detect complete files properly, instead it shows the small segments that Youtube uses to allow variable bitrate.

Resource Sniffer needs to be updated to work as Youtube Centre does.

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Perform Searching before you post! There are plenty threads/questions about your "problem"

About Maxthon's Floating Download Popup - it works/shows up only on Flash-based videos.

Doesn't work/show up on HTML5.

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