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I have a single account with Maxthon on 2 computers. changes I make in Magic fill on 1 machine are invariably erased and overwritten by older data from the 2nd machine. I do not understand how the sync function works. Does sync upload recent changes to my account cloud? Or download older data from the cloud onto the computer? Or both? Also, how do I transfer magic fill changes from 1 machine to the next? Sync, then import user data on the 2nd machine in order to update the data there as well? or do I use a different method? Help!

Thank you.

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I'm having issues with the MagicFill syncing as well. For now, I suggest that you do what I've been doing:

Go to your Windows Explorer/My Computer, click the address bar and type in %appdata% and hit Enter, then go into Maxthon3 folder, and Users and go into your account folder. Then copy the file in the MagicFill folder on a USB, or email it to yourself as the file is very small. Then save it in the same location on your 2nd machine.

Sorry, I know this isn't the answer you're looking for, but hopefully someone else has a solution.

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Hi shechemworks,

Glad to talk to you.

Sorry for the inconvenience you came across.

Are you logged in Maxthon on your two computers at the same time?

I suggest you log out your Maxthon account from the second computer and make sure your changes are saved and synced before your login again.

At the same time, we will conduct more investigation to see if we can reproduce your problem.

Thanks for your support!

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