Gmail & Login Issue

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i don't know if anyone have the same problem with me...

i have a problem about gmail. when i open a "message" the content doesn't appear...


i don't know what happen, but when i open with another browser, that's normal, just have a problem when i use maxthon...

it happen for couple month, hope that will be better but not...

i always update my maxthon. currently i use version

and the second problem is recently every time i disconnect and turn off my laptop and then start using maxthon again, open any site that require login (such as facebook, etc) it's always ask to login. even there's a user & password from magic fill (and some of the site that i bookmark lost it) it's quite bothering me. i mean, before this happen when i open site like fb (or other site that require login) it directly / automatic enter to my page (doesn't required login, it's already login), you know what i mean...

i hope there's a way out for my problem..

thanks and sorry for my bad english..

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1st problem - Try disable adhunter as Oliver One said. If that works, then you may need to adjust some of the filters applied. If not then we'll start looking for other causes.

2nd problem - Main Menu > Clear Browsing Data, make sure the "Delete cookies" option isn't checked. If that isn't checked, then there might be a problem with where your cookies are being saved.

Magic Fill doesn't auto-login to sites, it just pre-enters the details it has saved so all you have to do is press the login button.

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