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Hi all. My PC Maxthon browser skynote and the one on my android does not look the same. The Samsung phone says sync successful and the browser gives no errors. But they don't look the same. I created 7 notes on my phone and my browser is empty

Please help. I would love to use it on my phone and my pc

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Welcome to the forum.:)

Really sorry for this inconvenience.

After reading your post i just tried skynote on my android phone(Galaxy S3) and all my notes created a few days ago (from PC Maxthon skynote) synced successfully :)

If your android skynote looks different from your PC's then i would suspect that you are using two different accounts on your devices.

Please make sure you are logged into your android skynote with the same account as the one you use on your Maxthon for PC. Your notes should sync successfully unless if there is a problem with your internet speed.

I hope this information is useful to you.

Have a nice time


Edit:I just created a new note on my android skynote and it synced to my PC Maxthon skynote as well. Didn't encounter any problem.

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Good day,

thanks for the reply. Everything working fine now :o

Maybe because of the electricity load shedding in south africa.

Thanks for replying all. Love my Maxthon. If I may, can anyone use maxthon for

Do whatsapp on your pc

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