Adblock makes Maxthon laggy w/out exception

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Hi dear friends,

I'm using AB beta version since performing clean install for each update. I subscribe only EasyList and I've deleted all my own filters including Maxthon List.

I've tried all AB versions on different computers have different hardwares (1/2/4/8/16 GB of ram, from 1gHz to 4gHz celeron/dual core/pentium/i3/i5/i7 processors etc.), also with/without login. Same results...

White screen for 10 secs... Then laggy scrolling for 10-15 secs... --- when I opened 5-6 tabs from some web sites which have a lot of ads... (still same with

Specific link:

Try to open 5-10 tabs from this web site's home page... Then try to switch them. Scroll pages. Click somewhere...

Am I doing sth wrong or what?

Thank you all!

My warmest regards.

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I don't think it's all that different to older versions. MX has had issues with the way it displays pages while others are rendered in the background for a long, long time. ABP has probably made it slightly worse.

Whatever the cause it needs to be fixed.

Let's just add it to the list, shall we?

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Hi furkanavshar,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

From the time i saw your thread, with the version of MAXTHON I'm posting this reply with, i opened 8 tabs from the link you provided and followed your instruction to reproduce the problem you mentioned but i couldn't reproduce your issue. Scrolling in pages and switching tabs work fine. My ABP and both Maxthon and Easy Lists are enabled.

It's true that ABP could be the reason behind this issue.

I'll let our Dev team perform a thorough investigation on this issue and see how to fix it.


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The way AdBlock Plus works is based around stylesheets. It was designed so it would apply its own stylesheet(s) in place of elements that results in hits on your subscribed filter lists, simple but also drags down performance and memory usage (i.e. ABP in Firefox).

I've been a long-time advocate of uBlock and is much more efficient at this type of job, a shame Maxthon didn't choose it for replacing AdHunter.

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