the problem of noads


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Any particular reason you are using NoAds? As Maxthon now comes with AdBlock Plus, I would have thought something like NoAds wouldn't be required.

Otherwise hopefully the developer sees this and can offer some insight as to why it isn't working properly. At a guess i'd

say that updates to Maxthon since NoAds was released have caused the issue with it.

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9255916 replied at 2015-1-29 20:11 back.gif

AdBlock Plus is very good,but it has no custom filters.

I use custom filters with no problems. Maybe I don't know what you mean by "custom filters. Just bring up the ABP Edit Filters dialog. It opens in the third tab, "Create your filters," where custom filters go.

You can also subscribe to filters that are not on the built-in list


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OK, man. I understood you. And I know what happened.

1. NoAds in Maxthon Extentions gallery is not original! It's just reboot. There is only one version. Other "version" just have icon in sidebar or toolbar. NoAds cannot wokrs normal becouse of Blink bug.

2. You can use NoAds (before release stable version with AdBlockPlus), but don't touch settings! You can only choose list!

3. What should you do now?

Open C:\Users\WINDOWS USER\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3\Users\MAXTHON LOGIN\AddonsData and delete {1DE327E1-7F48-47AA-971A-C226767239C6} folder.

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