Quick access thumbnails issue


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7twenty replied at 2015-1-17 02:54 back.gif

It's updating the images, if you have slow connection and lots of images as it looks like there it's ...

I have 256 kB per second 2years ago my internet conection speed was 32 kb per second

why loading speed of quick access thumbnails should be decrease than 2 years ago i have not this problem two years ago and all thumbnails immediately finished loading after opening new tab but now despite increasing internet speed the loading speed of thumbnails in quick access especially first page number is zero see my other page numbers in below ::

For instance i removed Search box on page one number and insert Goolgle Addreess for one of thumbnails you see Google page simply appeared so this shows The problem is in new batch thumbnails Group in page one number Not in my Internet speed :@







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Oliver One replied at 2015-1-17 20:26 back.gif

The first time as you install (or perform a clean install) Maxthon with new Quick Access, building t ...

From the first time this new Quick access was built and release I have problem with it to now I want to report it but no had time never , I tested it(login Maxthon passport) on Windows 7 other computers too but the result always was same , I just wanted to report about new Quick access and say the page number 1 never has Not worked !:(

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