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Google Plus link and account image is not shown

Alex 75

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In Google home page on google.it the + link and the little image with avatar and link to mine G+ account home is not shown.

Also the link in the google apps "grid" is missing (see image).


This problem exists for google.it and not for google.com domain.

Switching the domain by the bottom-right link in the page the G+ links appears.

On google.com:



Click on "Utilizza Google.it" (= "Use Google.it")...

On google.it


Same behavior on Google image search page, images from plus.google.com URL are removed from the results. Removed, not hidden with display:none CSS.

Ad-Hunter is disabled.

(Latest Maxthon version on Windows)

How can I found what remove plus.google.com/* contents from the pages?




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As like I said/wrote to you in your previous thread- update your Maxthon to this current version http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-14014-1-1.html.

Perform clean installation and change your UA to default.

And stop posting about issues here! This is proper place to report all bugs,issues with Maxthon http://forum.maxthon.com/forum-77-1.html Maxthon for Computers Product Support.

User Voices is for present proposals for improvement Maxthon, requests for adding some functions etc.

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I found the problem is caused by this plugin:

"Remove Social Media" :@


Strangely it removes the G+ link (and current Google user avatar image on main Google page) only in .it domain, not in the .com domain !!!

Yes, I solved the problem, thank you.


from the plugin description:Exclude Sites: google.com ....This explains the behavior I had (problems detected only for .it / IT language).

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