PayPal not working !

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Paypal is not working on maxthon, the website show for 1 seconds then it show as a white page, full white (u should go on paypal if you like white you will be able to make a wallpaper)

I want to pay on my games to win and i can't, i have to use this Unstable-Chrome OMG nono, i will keep loosing on my game than use this crap browser that is Unstable-Chrome, anyway.

I don't think you need a screen, or something, you can see it by yourself (magic !) !

PS: I have the latest maxthon version.

(humor guys ! a bit of humor don't kill anyone !)

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Glad to talk to you.

What version of Maxthon are you using please?

Here on my end Paypal seems to be working fine...

Please make sure you are not running any extensions that could be causing you this problem.

Also you could switch to retro browsing mode to see whether everything works fine.


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