How to change default search engine ?


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AND or >
For mx Nitro > Press on the adress bar >
and you see a dropdown bar (with 9 default options) > Mouse over the Bing icon and >
press the heart icon for Bing.


When you come to Bing, make it your homepage or press the link on Bing "Make Bing my homepage"...

Now in the Bing page, press on Settings, then WEB, set a mark for [v] Open links in a new browser window. > Save

So you can use one page in Nitro for Search and another Tab page for surfing.

OBS !!
Default search engine cannot be changed yet in Nitro.
Maybe in future versions.

Best Regards Ohke > Din Hao, dong bu dong ? (^^,)

Edited by ~Ohke
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