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Hey guys,

I know that there is no real support for clearing cookies within Maxthon, but that brings me to my question. I use the PCH (Publishers Clearing House) website alot to play games and what not. I have actually won money playing these games, but the site heavily relies on cookies, but sometimes the cookies can become corrupt. When this happens within other browsers, I have to clear the cookies in order to get rid of the corrupt cookies, and begin playing again. What can I do within Maxthon to delete these bad cookies? Right now, I can not get the PCH site to work in order to enter the contests until I find a way to delete them.

I am actually receiving the following error.....

Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.

Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.



Apache/2.2.15 (Red Hat) Server at Port 80

Sometimes if I just close Maxthon and restart it the error will clear but in other cases, I have to come up with a way of clearing the cookies before the site will stop throwing the error above? This is the problem that I am encountering right now. Closing Maxthon is not clearing this error, so I need a way to delete all the PCH cookies so that I can start entering the contests and playing the games. I would really like to continue playing but with out having a way to clear these cookies, I am completely stuck. Please advise!

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magg replied at 2014-12-30 18:59 back.gif

Check this- should help ...

Ohh hey thats perfect! Ok, so then I am a little confused, why do I see all these posts where I see you guys saying that you guys don't support cookies? Is that just because you don't store cookies like other browsers do, say like in a directory where you can go and individually delete specific files? Perhaps that is what I am always seeing around?

I appreciate the really quick reply on this. The link you sent me was perfect! I used that to delete ALL the cookies, and while I had to relog in to all the sites I was on except (oddly enough) the PCH page, but after I cleared all the cookies, I was able to get the PCH games page to load, so you helped me fix my problem, thanks! :)

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Ok, well this is even better! Thanks a ton Oliver One!!! For those that may not have seen that post, I copied the important part from 7twenty's post..

Edited by 7twenty at 2013-11-24 01:07

Some good news!

I was in the Developer Tools (F12) looking at some coding for removing some ads, and was looking thru the Resources tab. Displayed in this tab is a section for cookies for the site open.

It's simple to select all or some of cookies for that site and delete them. Not as user friendly as choosing a number of sites to delete, or excluding some, but it's a lot better than using SQLite browser as I and some others have been, or deleting all using the UI option.

I tested it by deleting all the cookies for the address/page and it worked fine. Obviously it's not recommended for anyone who isn't comfortable playing around with things that aren't made directly available by the dev's through the UI.

Use at your own risk etc.

Ok, so while no one has officially answered my second question, reading that second thread that Oliver One posted, has given me my answer.

Rather then keeping the cookies in txt files in a specific directory, Maxthon places the cookies into an SQL database. This actually makes sense for performance reasons. While it is not as user friendly as having access to the txt files todo what you please, 7twenty's find makes it far more user friendly by using the resources tab rather than having to fire up something like SQL Lite.

Again, as 7twenty mentioned, if you are not comfortable with using such advanced resources / tools, then please do not try to use this as you could cause unrepairable harm which may cause you to have to reinstall your browser, however, for us more advanced users this is perfect.

Having said that, this answers my question as to why I am always seeing posts stating that Maxthon does not support tools for cookie support, however, while they do not support intuitive tools for cookie support, they DO in fact support it. In fact, using the resources tab you can even go as far as deleting the specific cookie from the database if you know what your looking at.

Thanks Oliver One, you linked in a VERY valuable bit of information and I could not thank you more!

I hope everyone here has a very Happy and Healthy New Year!!


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