Maxthon download about 1GB per day of unknown data... What is it ?


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My collegue notified me that Maxthon have many strange activity.

He sent me the log of our CheckPoint URL Filtering and we can see that Maxthon download something of ~140megs.


What is it that ?

How can I disable the module who download this data ?

Thanks you very much for your answer and I wish you a very merry christmas.



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If you're logged in, open menu and at the top where your account name is, look for a cloud icon to the right and click it. There you can choose what to syncronize. It seems like the Quick Access syncronization is the most buggy (it's rare, but it can keep downloading the QA file non-stop)

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Was the browser in use at all? If not, then it's somewhat questionable.

If it was then i'd say it's just general browsing. At 1GB/day I wouldn't say it's anywhere out of the ordinary. A few websites, email, some youtube etc and before you know it you've hit 1GB.

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