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furkanavshar replied at 2014-12-28 02:25 back.gif

Hi MartinB (:

You can add this URL to Search Engine list:


Ixquick is my preferred search engine and it works fine in other browsers. However, in Maxthon I always get this message: 'Navigation to the webpage was cancelled' every time I search for something in the search bar or the address bar. The only way I can search using Ixquick/Startpage is by going through their sites, which adds another step. Any thoughts?

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odyssee replied at 2015-1-14 10:41 back.gif

it works fine here. I created an entry using this urland an alias "i"

I just type the "i" key int ...

Ixquick worked, but not Startpage (even though they're basically the same thing). Thanks all the same, and I will have to stick with Ixquick.

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