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Hi admin, please explain for me. What is this file? Maxthon sometimes asks me to download. But I dont know what it is.

Its name: FEA5110B-C37A-4008-861D-44C2C862EB79.data_2.zip

From this address:

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HI, bsb.mltr.

FEA5110B-C37A-4008-861D-44C2C862EB79.data_2.zip is a file used to update Maxthon's QuickAccess to provide new features.

It should be downloaded from http://quickacces-dl.maxthon.com/ not from that url.

I am wondering if IDM is installed in your PC?

IDM may monitor and stop all zip downloading from Maxthon, so Quickaccess of Maxthon cannot be updated. If that case, every one hour, Maxthon may try to download that zip file once.

If you have no IDM, or that zip file is downloaded more than 1 time per hour, please reported again. Thanks

PS: we will update Maxthon to solve the compatibility issue with IDM.

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