Maxthon Cloud Browser downloader problem

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Maxthon Cloud Browser downloader problem: i cant download almost everything - download stops at 99% and repeat button not helping. I tested on Maxthon Cloud Browser V4.4.3.1000, V4.4.3.2000 and V4.4.3.3000 - the same problem.


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Hi guys,

Really sorry for this inconvenience.

If you are downloading heavy files i suggest you use professional downloader us as Orbit downloader...

At the same time,if convenient ,you could provide us with the specific download file to conduct a test.

Thanks for your support!

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7twenty replied at 2014-12-4 08:31 back.gif

How big are the files that are causing issues?

I've downloaded a number of files varying from 10-35 ...

The files themselves don't have to be big, you just need to download them for long enough time for that to happen

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