this is really annoying, why cant i remove it!?


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No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2014-11-27 13:49 back.gif

Do you have your side bar pinned to the desktop? If you do, unpin it and then delete the extension.

Another poswssibility is Syncing with the cloud. If you installed the extension while logged into Passport then either quit the browser or loged out of Passport, I would expect the extension was synced up to the cloud. Now every time you connect to Passport that undesired exxtension re-ssyyncs down to your Maxthon. The problem si how to delete something that has been synced?

I'm not certain when sync happens, but I think the cloud syncs down to your Maxthon Cloud Browsser when you log into Passportl and when you log out or quit Maxthon, the browser sysnc its data at that time up to Passport. I have taken to breaking thes flows by disabling certain sync operations at the right point so that the "last synced" state is the one you want (jminus the undesired extension.)

I have used this to stabilize my Bookmarks on a single generally unchanedd set. I keep the Bookmark syscing disabled except when I do a clean install or otherwise toss the UserData. If I were to add a bookmark, I'd enable the sync for bookmarks,


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