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Roboto Font render problem still in Maxthon


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The 'Roboto' font is Google's main font (Android/Play Store website etc etc)

However in Maxthon, If you have the font INSTALLED on your computer it looks HORRIBLE.. (Go to play.google.com and look at the titles between sections.. Bad AA etc etc.., It's very obvious on thin/light version of the font). If you DO NOT have the font installed, the browser grabs the webfont directly from Google's website and all pages with Roboto will render correctly. Yes, correctly.

This has been a long time issue in Chrome as well, but has now been fixed. However it is still a problem in the latest Maxthon beta.

To see the problem..

1) Download and install the font: http://developer.android.com/downloads/design/roboto-1.2.zip

2) Put Maxthon side by side with Chrome..

3) Go to https://play.google.com/store and compare the thin titles text between the two browsers..

Again.. You will ONLY see the difference if you have Roboto installed locally. Maxthon will render the font properly if you do NOT have it installed.

And NO.. Uninstalling the font from my computer is not an option as I have to use the font in other application that are not web bound :)

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I checked the other day and can confirm the issue.

I don't understand how/why it happens though. The files downloaded are essentially the same as the local font files just packed differently, so it doesn't make sense that Maxthon would render them differently?!

I'd be curious to know if it happens with all fonts?

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That's because Maxthon automatically removes apostrophes around stylesheets, So 'Roboto' becomes Roboto thus, not rendering this font. It happens to all fonts with single names. It does not fix 'Roboto Slab' for instance.


EDIT: Sorry, it is not the problem


I had the same issue with Firefox 40 as well.


I think it is related to font-smoothing / cleartype / directwrite use...


Both Maxthon (PC) and Nitro (PC) does not seem to support those even as option :( If there is a way, let me know


So suggestion stands here I think... 

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