Maxthon crashes when loading pages pushed to it offline

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I have several computers and I frequently put them in standby when I'm not using them. This means that Maxthon is open, but offline. When I push tabs to one of these machines, I need to restart Maxthon in order to retrieve them. When Maxthon starts and begins to load the pages pushed to it, it crashes. There is no additional information given to me with the crash. Maxthon always asks me to submit a crash report, which I do. This has been happening for several versions, but I am currently running v4.4.1.5000.

In previous versions the pages I had pushed to my laptop would still be available in my history after I restarted Maxthon. However, in this version that's not the case and I have no way to recover these pages until I get back to work and pull them from the history on that computer.

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