Why am I getting automatically signed into Youtube ?

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Hello, I wonder if anyone has the answer to this ? I have Yotube saved as one of my Favourites in the Maxthon browser on my computer at home. The problem is the browser is automatically taking me to the Google Youtube account I created for my Android phone.

I have two different Google Accounts, one for my Android Phone and one for the Youtube account I started some years ago. I make videos on this older account and want to go to it on Maxthon Browser.

This seems to be a fault with the browser in that it isn't allowing me to have the choice.

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Hi John thanks for replying... the situation is that I have two Youtube accounts. With other browsers like Firefox I can sign out of one Youtube account and then sign in with the other account.

But I can't do this with Maxthon. It seems to only allow me to use one of my Youtube accounts, and unfortunately it's the one i use the least.

I'm not sure if anyone will know how to fix this ??

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Hi again,

I have found out how to do it .... It was something to do with the Magic Fill settings.

If you click on : Menu > Settings > then Magic Fill .... you will see names of Websites of which there are passwords stored in the Browser.

One of those on my list was called Google Accounts and it had the account name and password for my fairly inactive Google / Youtube account

So Ive just deleted this from the Magic Fill section and it's working okay now....

Thanks for trying to help anyway.


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