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Alex 75

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I noticed a drag and drop problem on the site

Drag & drop not work on the left Groups/Views panel.

I can't move view into a groups or change order of elements.

It works in FF and Chrome.

In the same site drag'n'drop works for issues (Tasks, User stories etc... in the boards), the problem exists just on the left panel.

MX on Windows 7 64bit.


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Hi Alex 75,

Really sorry for the inconvenience.

I would like to help but i do n;t know the operation steps to reproduce your problem.

Do i need to login to perform the operation you mentioned?

In which groups would you like to change the order of elements?

Please provide us with more details so that we can run an accurate test.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for yous support!

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You need an account,

actually it is free and without limited time, it requires just a valid email.

It works as single page application, so you have a left panel where you can see Groups and Views. Groups are "folder" for organize your views.

I attached an image where you can see there are the Groups ,"from KanBan" (collapsed/closed) and "from SCRUM" (expanded), that shows views into a group.

I created "View AAA" and "Group A". I want move "View A" into "Group A".

When dragging "View A" a placeholder is correctly showed (a blue line), but on release (drop) nothing happens.

For the same cause (I think) reordering items does not work.



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Hi again,

Thank you for more details about this problem.

According to your problem description i can guess it is similar to the problem reported here before.

You can switch to Retro browsing mode and try again.

At the same time, We'll keep testing to see if we can find out what is causing the problem and see if we can fix it ASAP.

Please stay tuned and feel free to reach us if you encounter any other problem.

Thanks for your support!

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