Maxthon downloader ini file doesn't support environment variable locations


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When I set the history location in the dlConfig.ini file in %appdata%\Maxthon3\Public\Downloader\*, as an environmental variable such as %userprofile%\Desktop, and I've also tried making a new environmental variable as %Desktop% which does work in other applications, Maxthon simply sets the location as an absolute path, because the only way to get it to save in the first place at all, is to add the drive letter, which is what breaks it.

I want it so when I take the portable Maxthon to places on a usb, I don't need to change the path to make it download to the desktop of ANY login on ANY computer...

any ideas on when this might be fixed/implemented?


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Hi Imanerd,

Thank you for your time in explanation of this problem.

Really sorry for finding Maxthon not possible to support environment variable content.

At the moment we are not working on this feature but I have recorded your feedback as request and I'll pitch to our product team for more consideration.

Thanks again for your support.:handshake

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