Maxthon 4.4.3 - Unstable?

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Good Morning! I will highlight three issues that have me green with maxthon version which apparently is "semi-stable" if not stable:

First in the download dialog, this always ends hanging and closing, so I download everything to IDM, and as everyone knows this is a nuisance because IDM has no full support for Maxthon (Also I like the dialog download maxthon because I can open a downloaded file without having to force myself to keep it).

The second is that it is an inevitable annoyance that when I open my Maxthon, ALWAYS spend 3 seconds or less and ends just closing, and this is a loop until finally when he feels like it stays open.

On certain pages often hangs for no reason and I must kill the process.

Is there any way to fix that? I honestly think a lack of accountability Maxthon team, which after having previously released versions very good at this are making ugly regressions contain bugs that do not exist, or had arranged for 2 versions behind.

I do not want to stop using Maxthon, has been the only true lightweight browser that has given me a good experience, so I think it is right to open this issue to seek their welcome assistance.

I uninstalled more than 5 times and re-installed to fix the problem and not, so I don't know what I can do to fix it.

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Do you use a passport account? If yes, don't sign in and test to see if it's some of your settings/data that is causing the issue.

Others have mentioned some issues with IDM. Test with disabling IDM and see if the problems occur.

As much as you might see it as a Maxthon issue, if other programs are interacting with MX, there is always the possibility they are part of the problem. I, and many others haven't had issues like that which leads me to believe that the issues are unique to your install/setup.

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7twenty replied at 2014-11-14 13:13 back.gif

Do you use a passport account? If yes, don't sign in and test to see if it's some of your settings/d ...

Same problems.

I try to start Maxthon as Administrator, and now, all problems are solved :s

I am scared. how I can execute my maxthon without admin privileges? How can I do?

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