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Hello community,

when downloading files, using the option "Upload to my Cloud" will cause the file is downloaded directly into my PC and it's also stored in my Maxthon Cloud storage.


In my opinion this behavior is quite strange. I would expect that the file would only be uploaded to Maxthon Cloud, so I can download it later, for example to another device. Otherwise I have to manually delete it.

I supose this could be a bug, but I am not sure, because I usually don't use this feature. If it isn't, maybe it would be better to add option to delete local file after upload or something like that...

By the way URL https://maxthondrive.maxthon.com/ has invalid certificate.


Thanks :-)



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Hello Zugi,

Actually this behavior is by design, it's not a bug. Once "Upload to my cloud" option is selected the browser will automatically upload the downloaded file to the cloud. If the option is not selected then the file won't be uploaded to the cloud.

Hope you understand this behavior.

However, i do understand and support your idea. I'll pitch it to our team to see what they think.:)

Thanks for your support!

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