Google+ pic view problem

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Hi Julian,

Thank you for reaching out.

How come I'm seeing the same behavior with Chrome browser?

The picture is displayed in the middle of a black background( endless to the left)...

Did you try other browsers to see if there is any difference?



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It could be Google's problem, but it worked in older version of Maxthon and MxNitro. This screenshot is from latest version of IE: 10322

So yes, it is a Maxthon's problem and it wasn't fixed since it was reported, aprox. half a year ago!


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No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2014-11-1 11:04 back.gif

Looks exactly the same in Nitro, Chrome 38, Firefox 36 and IE11 so it's a Google problem, not Maxtho ...

it doesn't look the same, you might need your eyes checked =P

The URL in Maxthon has

in other browser it's

Also, at the top it's missing Share, , Tag People, Slideshow, More v, , , zoom, and buttons.

Furthermore, at the bottom the date, <- , ::: , -> , #of# are missing.

and of course the details and comments are missing on the right side too.

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