How do I check a site's certificate?

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Please advise,

In IE 11 (and almost all others) one can see the 'LOCK' button in address bar, namely 'Security Report', which shows you site's certificate status.

I can't find such button in Maxthon 4. If there is not, I'd like to know - WHY THE HELL it is not implemented?!

Haven't you read about China's MitM attack on iCloud and such?!

mode off>

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this issue is not resolved and is still present in currently latest final

Test site:
Certificate info:


P.S. The lock icon (certificate information) is not displayed even when switching to Retro Mode, not displayed when switching back to Ultra mode.

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If using Chrome, click the “Customize and control Google Chrome” icon containing three lines or the wrench icon. Click “Options” or “Settings” and click the “Under the Hood” tab or click the “Show advanced settings” link. Click the “Manage certificates” button to access SSL certificates. Click on the certificate you want to view to highlight it. Click the “View” button to see the certificate’s content.

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