Built-in PDF can not save the file

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Hi dear friends,

When I try to save a PDF file from Maxthon, nothing appears in saving location.

I click the "Save" icon bottom right of the PDF page in Maxthon, destination window appears, I choose the location, then I click "Save" but nothing happens.

I moved the pdf.dll file from Core>WebKit location, then It started to work again. I can view PDF files as external reader mode and also can save PDFs.

Is it a bug or am I missing sth?

I've tried to logout, performed clean install; no change, no difference. The only thing I can handle this is deleting/moving pdf.dll file from Maxthon.


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My Mx displays *.pdf files directly, without any PDF module and I have no problem to download and save *.pdf files.

Default clean installation - MX (Pdf.dll is located in default location: Maxthon\Core\Webkit\). Maybe you could try Portable version...

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Hi furkanavshar,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Here on my end I'm using Mx4.4.3.600 and without moving pdf.dll file i can open pdf files and save them without any problem.

Is the problem confined with any specific pdf file or with all pdf files ?

You may try out the latest betta version of Maxthon.


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