Flash for Maxthon?


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Please don't flame me for this as I am very new to using Maxthon but I already love this browser, but my question is, does Maxthon support Flash? I do have the latest Flash installed on my Laptop. I have Windows 8 64-bit, and I am running the latest version of Maxthon. Then again perhaps my problem is not flash because I can play flash games, so what is it that played the video's in youtube?

I am trying to view video's from Youtube, but all I get is a black box. Hmmmmmm....help? :)

I would also like to know if there is an Adblock type extension available for Maxthon as well? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Dev CZ replied at 2014-10-5 11:43 back.gif

Flash is builtin as well like ad blocking.

Thanks Dev CZ,

Can you or someone please then tell me how I can get Youtube to work? When ever I goto a video all I get is a big black box where the video should be and no video :(

I am not sure how to get it to work and Google is of no help here and I haven't found anything searching these forums either.

Thanks a bunch! Oh and how can I set up and alias so that my name doesn't show up as all numbers?


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7twenty replied at 2014-10-5 16:54 back.gif

Have a look at the following sticky threads.


Hey Guys,

You guys have been very helpful. Thank you very much! I also appreciate you guys not flaming a new comer for my newbie questions. If anyone has some good links to point me to to get used to Maxthon I would appreciate it. I have come to really like this browser after finding it was given very high ratings for it's speed and security.

Right now, I have switched to using it as my primary browser as it doesn't have the same problems as I have had with Chrome and Firefox, though I am sure it, like everything has it's own set of problems but thankfully those problems do not affect me at the moment.



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Ok, another of my newbie questions that I can't find the answer to, well too questions. I have read the link above and that was good reading and helpful.

I like Maxthon more and more the more I use it :)

So, I see a little sunglasses icon at the top of this window. When you mouse over it, It says Wide screen (sunglasses icon) "Open the blind experience) . I click it, nothing happens but now mouse over and it says "Close the blind experience). I have no clue what if anything it's supposed to do....

Next, My Maxthon tab keeps flashing but I don't see what it's trying to remind me of.

Should I open a new thread for these?

You guys rock for being so cool and helping me out! Thanks for all the help guys!


PS - What are the points for? Is it just for my level within the forums?

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