maxthon and maxthon download manager are always hanging up!

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once the new tab "+" sign is clicked, maxthon will be in no respond, the download manager has the same issue...

even, they are upgraded to the latest version and beta version, the problem is still there.

ps: my computer os is win7 ultimate sp1 x64 with all updates installed.

my two laptops and one desktop have the same problem.

such problems are only happened recently.

i have used maxthon for many years already.

maybe, there are some conflicts between maxthon and the most latest windows updates?

:@ :@ :@

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Really sorry for this inconvenience.

If the problem started after recently then it might be due to the changes done on your computer.

Please make sure there is no some kind of conflict Maxthon and other installed softwares.

A clean install of the latest version mentioned above by 7twenty may be helpful to.

Please try again and let us know if the problem persists.

Tanks for your support of Maxthon.

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the problem is still there.

i found this issue is caused by the mouse moving, if use Tab key to active certain button, all is ok.

now, i know how to handle download manager by using Tab key, but don't know how to create new tab by using Tab key, anyone can tell me?


if maxthon is frozen, just force maxthon to close, then open it again, most of time maxthon will work.

sometimes, you still need to try several times to make maxthon to work again.

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ioosis replied at 2014-10-5 02:00 back.gif

my problem with maxthon download manage was solved by removing the latest idm 6.21 update after remo ...

cause always update to fix a problem or to support new something and when i use a relatively not update software i guess that is the problem allow me to ask why microsoft updates o.s and why other browser do not make this proble

we like maxthon the best enough for me its a free apps we hope to see it the best that's why i send feedback for my problem am using maxthon since 1999

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I also had the same problem a very long time ago but It seems to not respond if you don't use it while opened(It's opened but you do other stuffs like Microsoft Office, Offline Games, Flash games, etc) then you go back to Mx4 and Whoah!!! Not responding, New tab, Mx4 doesn't respond and the screen of every edge of Mx4 is doubled like the browser has been restored to a bit smaller but has the maximized browser edges, That was when I have a lower version of Mx4 but with this latest version, It doesn't seem to not respond much unlike the other versions.

Plus I had Tune-Up Utilities installed and it might be lowering Mx4's process, Try to check your apps guys, You might have same apps like this one

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