Syncing Data As Default and A Full Open Source Consideration For Linux


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Dear melovecoffee, or BugSir007,

Will Maxthon for Linux eventually be given the ability to sync data from other browsers as the default option?

Not being able to to sync data from Chrome without overriding the default settings if a great disappointment, and is something I would not have expected from Maxthon. :(

I'm hoping this is simply a lag in development, and something that will be remedied soon. As both of you know, Firefox and Chromium are the default browsers of most Linux OSes. A Linux user really has to have the ability to sync data from other browsers if Maxthon for Linux really wants Maxthon to become a serious contender in the Linux Community. And, also, going fully open source would help Maxthon for Linux even exponentially more.

I'm certain Maxthon for Linux' adoption rates would skyrocket in the Linux community if Maxthon for Linux were ever to become a fully open source browser -- like Chromium, Firefox, Midori, or QupZilla are now.

I'm hoping you'll please give these thoughts some serious consideration.

Thank you,


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Hello perknh,

Thank you very much for your time and your interest in Maxthon.

We haven't added sync data from other browsers as default into Maxthon for Linux yet.

But i think that's an awesome idea! That's my wish too. Open source is very powerful!

We can not make a commitment right now, but I promise that your request will be reviewed by our Linux team before given serious consideration.

Please stay tuned, you'll be noticed once something new comes up.

Thanks again for interesting idea and your support for Maxthon!

Have a nice time.

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Maxthon is missing the boat if it doesn't take advantage of this mistake Google is making.

As Google assaults open source, more and more customers are more and more leery to use Google anything. Yes, I am using Chrome browser now, but I'm grinding my teeth while doing so.

If Maxthon for Linux went fully open source, Maxthon could take on Google at its own game. Why?

Because many, many of us do NOT trust Google when it comes to our Internet security, or the protection of our private data.

If Maxthon partnered with a solid hardware company, I believe Maxthon could take on Google in the browser and Android market. But to do this, Maxthon for Linux would have to go fully open source, and allow syncing of data.

Maxthon has put too much work into Maxthon for Linux to let this opportunity pass itself by.

I'm convinced this is serious food for thought.

Remember: Maxthon can never become a serious contender within Linux until it makes these changes, and Maxthon for Linux has worked too hard not to become number 1 in the browser, Linux, and Android open source market.

If any company is positioned to be a game changer in these ever-changing markets, that company would be Maxthon.

Just ask Karl Mattson what he thinks of these ideas. He knows how frustrated the consumers are over here with these big tech companies. We just need somebody big enough to step up to the plate and take these behemoths on.

Thank you,



Karl Mattson

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