crashes when logging into account


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I'm using Maxthon on Linux Mint 17.

When I enter email address and valid password for my account, MX crashes without any messages. Main window merely disappears and that's all.

I tried to enter wrong password - MX says that the password is incorrect. No crash in this case.

Can I help you to solve this problem by sending any log/dump file? Just tell me where they are. I can't find.

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Hi wsad,

Thank you for using Maxthon.

Really sorry for the troubles you encountered with Maxthon.

You can follow the description below and send us the crash report.

Input the following commands in the terminal:


$ maxthon --v=10 --enable-logging=stderr 2>maxthon.err 1>maxthon.log

The second command should generate a log file at your current command path.

And then send us the report of the following path if the crash is reproduced.

~/.config/maxthon/Crash Report/

Also, if you can see a log file under the current command path, it would be good to send it to us too.

If any of these files is too big, you can upload them to any website and send the download link to us.


Looking forward to hearing form you.

Have a nice time!

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