Can't play mov in Maxthon 4 but it's ok in Maxthon 3?

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I haveMaxthon portable and Maxthon portable on my Win7 64bit. I've installed Quicktime latest 7.7.5 version on my Win7 64bit. I also follow the instruciton in this thread: on both my Maxthon 4 and Maxthon 3 (Though I rarely use Maxthon 3).

But when I play some mov in on Maxthon 4, it did bring up a black window but doesn't play anything at all. However, It plays well on Maxthon 3. What's wrong with Maxthon 4?

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Thank you for reaching out.

Here on my end ,i seem to reproduce the same issue.

In Ultra mode the video doesn't play at all, it just shows a black screen instead.

Changing UA doesn't help.

The video works in Retro mode though. You can change the browsing mode and try again.

I'll pitch the problem to our development team for further follow up.

Thanks for your support of Maxthon.



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Strangely, I change to retro mode and play the trailer of Mocking Jay - Hunger Game:

the play button just turns grey background and it doesn't bring up anything. However, I can play the demo mov in iPhone 6 camera intro page on Apple site while in retro mode:

Could it be problem with portable version?

p.s. There's no reinstall possibility to reboot everything since I'm using portable version).

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A new test result on my home pc. Still following same instruction of the thread url I posted above, it playes well whether turbo or retro mode. I think the only difference is my home pc is Win7 32bit, whereas my office pc is Win7 64bit. A little helpful tested information for developer team of Maxthon if they are to resolve this problem in the future.

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