MX4.4.2.1500/2000 cannot work with IDM6.201.10


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When I upgrade to MX4.4.2.1500 or 2000, the MX downloader cannot work well when the PC also install IDM 6.21.10.

The MX downloader will shown no respond when the file is thru downloader to download it.

I trid remove IDM 6.21.10, the MX downloader is ok to download same file.

I'm not sure the problem is from MX or IDM.

Could you help to confirm the issue and help us to solved the problem.

else, the problem is not from MX, please tell me.


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Hi Wisely,

I was just browsing the Chinese forum and there are users having a same issue as yours.

BugSir has confirmed the issue and it was due to IDM not supporting Mx.

The current interim solution provided by other users is:

in IDM: Downloads → options → General → √Use advanced browser integration → Add browser...(choose the Mx .exe file)

→ Exit IDM, Exit Mx,

→ Turn on IMD BEFORE using Mx browser EVERYTIME

I have personally tried it on my PC and it worked for a common file, hoping it helps you too.

I believe Mx would have the update on this in future versions as its confirmed.

But if you can reproduce the issue, say, giving a url of the file you had problem downloading with, it may help the BugSirs to know more exactly about this issue as well.


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Yes, I knew the IDM not support MX.

So, I already select the MX browser into monitor IDM option.

Unfortunately, the issue is not relate to IDM.

I guess the issue is MX issue. (not 100% firmed.)

Because IDM can monitor MX download session and work well.

But some web site file download, MX used default downloader, and the downloader will shown no respond program.

I cannot click any button on downloader.

I attach captured file for u reference.



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It;s my company intranet server. So, I cannot help this.

Also the QA(Quick Access) is same problem.

before I never got this problem. the system change is from me to upgrade MX to 2000 from 1500.

and during this timing, I also upgrade IDM 6.21.10 from 6.21.9


When i remove IDM, then the issue is gone.

My setting:

Win7 x64, IE11, MX4.4.2.2000, Adobe Flash is

Please help me to found the issue.

otherwise, I tried to downgrade to MX4.4.2.1500, and delete all files that it's related to MX's files.

The issue is same.


NPSWF32.dll ==> manual copy into C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon\Core\Webkit\Npplugins to replace exist.

seems the issue is adobe npswf32.dll let QA and downloader crash.

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Good to see you found a solution, albeit not the one you ultimately wanted.

Hopefully the next version works as .1400 does for you.

The fact that you said with IDM uninstalled the problem didn't occur says to me that it was causing some conflict, but others also use it and haven't come across the same problem.

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I'm so sorry for this.

But when I'm used IDM 6.21.9 with MX4.4.2.600~1500. I didn't get problem

When I ugrade IDM to 6.21.10, and upgrade MX to 2000 from 1500.

Maxthon Quick Access and downloader always no any repose.

Sometime, open a URL, then switch to QA to choose one web site ==> QA cannot choose, and no repose. sometime is white screen on QA.

for downloader:

When the session want download by downloader, not IDM. the downloader be no repose.

these kind issues are not always happening, but over 50%~

during this time slot, I just update Adobe Flash, Maxthon, IDM.... no more others.

and IDM work well with Maxthon/Firefox/IE11, but Maxthon is not ok with QA/downloader.

:'(:'(:'( ( still have issue with downloader/QA, but not so much.)

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