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Whenever I search, using either the address bar or the search bar, the result is as shown in the screen shot. Inserting a %20 after .com doesn't help. I'm using latest Maxthon, I have to go to and search from its search function directly.

Anyone else having this problem? Or a solution?



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thats defoult google maxthon(in my system)

this is international google search line

you can just do something like that - search forexample in any search site what do you like

and after "forexample" will found - copy address bar text, after that you replace "forexample" to %us(in google chrome same, but %s)

when you replace "forexample" to %us - just add it in search settings new search engine

and add change engine if doesn't do yet(switch browser core button)

i realy think thats have to be defoult, realy don't think somebody whant to browser change engine without posible retry it in other way


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Hi MaxthonGuy,

Here Search form adrress bar and search box seems to work fine.:)

What is you search engine URL please?

Please make sure the search engine url is correct ( and try again.

As DARKSTORM said, you may need to check your internet connection to see whether everything is fine.

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