Icons in Downloads & "Delelte" in Notes


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thank you.

Yes, I am not sure if it's confined with all downloads, because I usually don't download files using MX mobile, but every file I've downloaded had bad icon :-) Hope somene will confirm this issue.

The first file is a *.zip texture pack for PC version of Minecraft - it has an icon of FX File Explorer, which I use on my Android device (SE Xperia mini, st15i (smultron), Android 4.0.4, 320x480 MDPI).

The third file has been downloaded from Maxthon server - it's a MX nitro browser and it has an icon of c:geo app.

Also, it seems that MX isn't able to download files from our czech Ulož.to (no problem in other browsers). Test link for ulozto is here. (Just a random file, but it's safe - it's my skin).

If you need some more info, just feel free to contact me.

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