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Icons in Downloads & "Delelte" in Notes


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I just want to report these two bugs:

1. "Delelte" in Notes :-)


It would be nice to create localization project for this app on Crowdin...

2. Wrong icons in Downloads (in Maxthon browser)


Thanks :-)



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Hi Zugi,

Thank you for your report.

For the skynote localization , I'll forward your request along to our product team for further consideration.

For the wrong download icons, is the problem confined with some specific downloads or with all downloads? Any specific download link to try out?


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thank you.

Yes, I am not sure if it's confined with all downloads, because I usually don't download files using MX mobile, but every file I've downloaded had bad icon :-) Hope somene will confirm this issue.

The first file is a *.zip texture pack for PC version of Minecraft - it has an icon of FX File Explorer, which I use on my Android device (SE Xperia mini, st15i (smultron), Android 4.0.4, 320x480 MDPI).

The third file has been downloaded from Maxthon server - it's a MX nitro browser and it has an icon of c:geo app.

Also, it seems that MX isn't able to download files from our czech Ulož.to (no problem in other browsers). Test link for ulozto is here. (Just a random file, but it's safe - it's my skin).

If you need some more info, just feel free to contact me.

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