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Unable to see smilies character that are shown on Smartphones

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BugSir007 replied at 2014-9-4 18:25 back.gif


It's like you didn't post the image of how your smilies look.

Which page is giving is presenti ...

it seems the forum has removed this type of character . I don't remember where I've seen it. Most probably one of the popular Android-blogs I visit:





Try to visit one of them using a normal mobile web browser, and put a smiley using the keyboard (no the one that is a combination of 2/3 characters) . Then go to the PC Maxthon, and check out how it looks there.

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SWFlash0 replied at 2014-9-5 05:21 back.gif

This is not a browser issue, you need to install special fonts to get the emoji. The fonts that have ...

Can't maxthon identify this, and offer to download the needed fonts?

Also, which of the fonts should I download?

I've tried installing "Symbola.ttf" and I can't see the smilies on the website you've given (under "New Emoji").

Also, it seems I already have the "Segoe UI Sylmbol" font installed...

Before installing anything, only the part of "New Emoji" didn't show well on the website you've written about. I still cannot see it well, even after installing those fonts.

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