quick access and maxthon downloader problem


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hi everyone, this is my realy rarely problem with maxthon, i use only portable versions, for be sure my settings still with me, and today when i close maxthon with to locked pages, after that i catch stack and jumm and,,, any way, my maxthon no work more correct

i download fresh version, open it in test dir, and same problem with qa and downloader, they just jammed, and i have to kill proces(bottom of maxthons) in process hacker

so, tell me please, what i have to do, for this work ok with my old settings, or how uninstall it complitely, thanx

and please, create realy portable version, what will work independed of old versions, thank you

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Hi einherz,

Not quite understand what specific problem you encountered.

Maybe you can give more information about your problem and try out the latest version of Maxthon.

If you are using the latest version, then i suggest you to change your User agent(in maxthon advanced settings) to default( untick UA string check-box):)


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hi guys, thanx for support, now i live with chrome and missing maxthon

problem was in

yes i try overwrite it by

no, i don't use cloud and maxthon passport

with orihinal ua not all site could be open, this just cause why i use ua

how i say use only portable, just minimalistic conception

now even clear portable versions wont work for me

jumming with quck acces, jumming with maxthon downloader, so why i request realy portable version independed of older versions what was used, so i just ask you guys how complitely uninstall maxthon4 for copy new version, resetting it and use it again, and stop create stupid threads:)

thank you

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If you are using portable without a passport account then all the data is in the folder you extract it to. To completely uninstall just delete the folder. The issues probably aren't related to the settings, but rather something that is conflicting with a setting/device/program on the system.

Are you using any extensions? If so, disable them and test.

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i completely deleted yet and unpack fresh version, i thinking about conflict too, but before was all ok

p.s. i thinking about change dir, but prefer know what exactly need for uninstal for future, i got old version on laptop, so maybe later try recopy to desktop, but if no work fresh version, so how will work with settings, but i will, now my chrome with some extentions start glad me, so i'll go to maxthon some latter, any way thank you everyone

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my back lol

alt+f7 in file manager found all maxthon(was 2 objects) del cash, and some return from user data "skin" quick acces with backup original, vuala i'm maxthon user like usual:)

p,s, all search engine what i need, all favs from exporting from glick version of maxthon in html file

actually best way is html file, when i export in explorer much year ago after import was haos, now exactly what i had befor:)

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