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I wanted to post about this issue again because I would like to know whether or not Maxthon team will address and fix it or if it is lost forever.

I am talking about the ability to open a new TAB by clicking anywhere on the tab bar (when the tab bar is below address bar and favorites bar).

Up to Maxthon version I used to open a new TAB by double-clicking on the empty space in the tab bar. Now since version double-clicking on the TAB bar will change (restore) Mathon window size. To open a new TAB I have to specifically click on the little "+" in the tab bar.

Note that this is an issue with the skin type where the TAB bar is below the URL field and below the bookmarks bar !! So if you want to see how it was before in Maxthon version prior to, choose this skin and double-click on the tab bar. Then do the same in Maxthon version or newer and you will see the difference.

So, is there any plan to fix this ?

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I am using original Maxthon Cloud browser skin (there are no other skins possible at the moment). So the author is Maxthon team. And I used this skin in old version also and it worked correctly.

In version and later it doesn't work the same way anymore. Double-click is set to normalize Maxthon window only is the tab bar is on top (above address bar) because then the caption bar is the same as tab bar, like you said.

But if I set the tab bar to be BELOW address bar then tab bar and caption bar is no longer the same!! So if I double-click on tab bar then, it should not normalize Maxthon window anymore. It should open a new tab.

This was working correctly in Maxthon but then Maxthon developers changed it for no good reason it seems. I wish they would correct it like it was before.

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