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Yandex is something like Russian Google. Yandex have search, mail, IM (now project is closed), browser (maybe you know about Yandex.Browser) etc. And we have Yandex's build of Maxthon Cloud Browser. It's just standard MX browser with a lot of useless links and Yandex Safe Browsing API. I made some addons for it:

1. Yandex.Mail. Lite version of Yandex's mail. Works in English and Russian languages.

2. Yandex. This addon is usefull only if you understand Russian, becouse Yandex.com is just search and mail. You have to know Russian to use it.

3. Yandex.Weather. Quick access to the russian site with weather forecast. Works in Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Kazakh. English is not supported.

4. Яндекс.TV. Usefull only for russian users. TV-program schedule for the week.

5. Yandex.Maps. Road traffic, navigation, distance etc.

6. Yandex.News. Selection of of topical news.

7. Yandex.Affiche. Information about movie premieres, performances, exhibitions etc.

8. Yandex.Sport. Now it's special russian website that was created by Yandex for World Cup in Brazil. It will be devoted to other sporting events in the future. Useless if you don't understand Russian.

9. КиноПоиск. KinoPoiks (in Englsih is "MovieSearch") is some like Russian IMDb. Cinema news and information about movies. Works only in Russian too. And it was bought by Yandex...

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PlayPOD Games is website with browser games, but at PlayPOD we (users and administration) let you decide the games that deserve to stay on the website and the games that will be removed. This way you will always find and play here only the best games.


1. It's website with ads. Advertising picture will be show before game, and you have to close it. But you cannot do it if you use AdBlock, NoAds or Ad-Hunter. So you need to disable it on PlayPOD.com!

2. Addon window in sidebar is really closed when you you press "X". Usually in other extensions close button only minimized page. This is the main difference from other similar extensions.

3. Extension rejected: Really too large for panel!

I changed minimum width. May look strange. But you can change width. I use maximum size.

PlayPOD Games.mxaddon








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This addon in absolutely useless!

With this addon you can only send video to Stas.

- But who is Stas?

- Stas is This is Horosho host.

- What is This is Хорошо?

- TiX is analogue of RWJ's =3... from Latvia, but in Russian. Do you know Russian? Will you send video for Russian internet show?

No? Then this discussion is more pointless than this addon!

TiX NaObzor 1.0.0.mxaddon





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Yandex.Mail in sidebar

Quick access to the Russian e-mail service Yandex.Mail in sidebar. Yandex.Mail has English interface, so you can use it, but you need Yandex.com account.


1. English and Russian menu.

2. Works with all Yandex's domens (.com, .ru, .ua, .kz etc.)

3. Page is really closed when you you press "X". Usually in other extensions close button only minimized page. This is the main difference from other similar extensions.







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