Passport recognizes two PCs as the same device

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Hi all.

I noticed today the following issue: I have 2 PCs, that in fact has maxthon installed, used both with the same account. The problem is that on MX Passport it says that I have just one device, that results to be online either if I use the one or the other PC, so it seems that it has associated the same device to both PCs. Is there ie any file to delete in order to delete this association? :)

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Here it is.

Now I'm online with the non visible PC, detected as the other one.

- Orione is my home PC

- ASUS TF300T is my tab, correctly identified

- Pegaso is my second laptop

There was also another device, ie this work PC, but since it was not online when using it, I tried to delete it, but nothing changed :)


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