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I would be very happy if someway could be enabled to allow Netflix to work on the Linux version of Maxthon as my media PC that is connected to my TV is a PURE Linux install.

Its annoying to have to turn my Xbox 360 on just to use if for Netflix viewing. The Xbox interface is pretty awful for Netflix.

Its a feature I really would like and would complete my media system. The browser that gets it to work in Linux would definitely be my favorite.

PS: Linux Maxthon is very good :). Especially as I cant seem to get any malware thanks to Linux software center system. (Maxthon has got some sneaky followers from the FREE software lot who seemed to have deemed Maxthon worthy of adding to their non-helper software list in windows :( ).

Would mention though that HTML 5 seems a little snatchy and even struggles to buffer on some sites when viewing HTML 5 vids. My system can run them fine in Linux Firefox with no slow down. So maybe HTML 5 needs a little improvement on Linux Maxthon.

My Media PC has 2gb ram, a Nvidia 4150 built in on board card and a AMD 64 4600 dual core. So it should not have issues.

PPS: I'm on Maxthon Linux right now...not chrome browser..just must be identifying my browser wrong at top.

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Hi Pizzalicious,

Thank you for your wonderful text about your problem with Maxthon for Linux.

First you can use this extension to change you user agent https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/user-agent-switcher/ffhkkpnppgnfaobgihpdblnhmmbodake :)

For the Netflix related issue,i'll let our Linux team do some investigation about it.

For HTLM5 videos issues, do you have any specific link to test? What exactly happens?

A screenshot would be helpful too.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Tried chrome switcher agent..either get popups saying its not compatible, download an APP, install Silverlight or ActiveX. Having no luck getting onto Netflix in UK. :@

Changed OS to Ubuntu Studio by the way . So not on PCLinuxOS 32 bit any more since I posted. HTML seems ok today. It was getting slow down on VEVO official links. Seems OK today but its playing in flash today and cant find the link.

PS: Im on Ubunto STUDIO 64bit and MAXTHON 64 bit right now. Just that User agent switcher saying otherwise. Which is the right combo to use on switcher agent and do I need to do more?

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