incorrect maxthon autofill password ?

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i did everything even changed my password i forgot one of my password of a website so i clicked on show password in the about:config and in the magic fill

and i typed my password (maxthon passport) and it kept on saying incorrect password

also i changed and typed my new password and still it says incorrect password

this isnt the 1st time bty .

i think maxthon password doesnt sync with the magic fill

please help

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Hi Oran Dsouza,

Welcome to Maxthon forum.

Are you logged into your Maxthon account?

Are you sure you using the same password you use to log in your Maxthon passport?

If the password you forgot was saved in Magicfill, why didn't you just open the website you want to log in and use Magic fill auto fill to fill in the password?:L

Please use the same password as the on you use to log into your Maxthon account.


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