Installing Extensions in Mac?


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fOrTune® replied at 2014-7-30 12:47 back.gif

Go to Chrome extension magazin and install what you want ))

You have link in Mac version to addons ...

I went to the Maxthon for Mac extension store, clicked install, it popped up in my downloads file and when I clicked it to install it, it opened up in chrome.

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10692651 replied at 2014-12-29 01:47 back.gif

if you are useing windows pc you can find many add but if you are use mac LIKE ME you can not find a ...

Today's version Maxthon for Mac builded on Safari and don't support extentions.

If you need extentions, you can use previous version builded on Chromium -

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fOrTune® replied at 2015-1-21 12:26 back.gif

I don't know, we need to ask devs about it.

Hope yes, but when?

if it is based on safari like it had been based on chromium, before. However, pretty sure safari is closed-source, now come to think of it. If it IS truly based upon it, the safari extensions would, in theory, undoubtedly function with maxthon for mac.


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