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.NET controls fails under last version of Mathon

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Hello guys,

I use to work a lot with .net controls on my websites and maxthon is my main browser..but starting from 1 month or so I can't test any of those pages properly in maxthon cause it fails to register the sys properly into the page so everything else fails.

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bricky149 replied at 2014-7-30 04:05 back.gif

As a .NET developer myself I'm interested in your issue. Could you provide a screenshot so I could h ...

the error sounds like: Uncaught ReferenceError: __doPostBack is not defined -> this happens just in Maxthon 4


OS: 6.3.9600.

IE: 11.0.9600.17105

Maxthon.exe =

Maxthon.dll =

MxWebkit.dll =

MxTrident.dll =

Maxzlib.dll =

Mx3UnInstall.exe =

MxAccountSvc.dll =

MxAddonsMgr.dll =

MxApp.dll =

MxAppFrame.dll =

MxAppLoader.exe =

MxCore.dll =

MxCoreMan.dll =

MxCrashCatch.dll =

MxCrashReport.exe =

MxDb.dll =

MxDownloader.dll =

MxEncode.dll =

MxFilePackage.dll =

MxFileSync.dll =

MxHttpRq.dll =

MxIPC.dll =

MxMsg.dll =

MxResMgr.dll =

MxRsc.dll =

MxTool.dll =

MxUI.dll =

MxUp.exe =

MxWKView.dll =

MxXDR.dll =

MxCaptureScreen3.dll =

MxCmpUrl.dll =

MxFav.dll =

MxFavDb.dll =

MxHistory.dll =

MxMultiSearch.dll =

MxPicLib.dll =

MxPrint.dll =

MxSec.dll =

MxSiteIcon.dll =

MxSmartUrl.dll =

MxStorage.dll =

MxSvInfo.dll =

MxSync.dll =

MxUrlSec.dll =

MxAvatarExt.dll =

MxCloudsSvc.dll =

MxExtTools.dll =

MxAddonMisc.dll =

MxMsgPush.dll =

MxTabsSync.dll =

MxUeip.dll =

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Oliver One replied at 2014-7-30 04:28 back.gif

Your User Agent is very strange, it is your choice?

Yes! It was my choice to get that UA. Cause I can skip some websites which check for FF,IE,GC to display some :curse: warnings...

I do those kind of checking also in my framework core(.net)

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