Maxthon command line switches are there !

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I read a problem for "command line switches" and I have some solutions and I would like to share with everybody. :)

The thread is closed at this link >

command line switches - Product Support Archive - Maxthon Community - Powered by Discuz! ... ight=command%2Bline

...but when I searched for the same theme,I found it.

Now I can answer the question >>

Yes,it has a few switches. :D

But I don't know how many.

The following list is a result of a long search and experimentation.

I think they are available (all of) MCB from version 4.x,BUT did not published neither until today.

"***maxthon path***\Maxthon.exe"

press space once and type in a switch

-RunAsPrivateTask << Private mode

-RunMxDl << Opens Maxthon Download Manager only

-pin << Pin taskbar shortcut

-unpin << Unpin taskbar shortcut

-SetSkinFileAssoc << Associate Maxthon files (skin-*.mxskin,addon-*.mxaddon,spell check-*.mxdic) to the browser

-SetDefault << Sets Maxthon to default browser

Now everybody has the possibility to create a Maxthon Private Mode or a Maxthon Download Manager shortcut to the desktop in the same way as in Maxthon 2.x versions >

Maxthon modes - Maxthon 2.x - Maxthon Wiki

// I spent a lot of time to search Maxthon 3.x command line options as well,but I had no luck to find any...yet :p //

Wish you all the best,

(it's me)nx

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