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Maxthon Icon does not change taskbars when using Dual Monitor Taskbar

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The application Dual Monitor Taskbar adds a taskbar to a second monitor in Windows 7. The taskbar icons for most running apps will move to the second taskbar when I move the app to my second monitor. Maxthon does not do this, so if I use Maxthon on my second monitor, the taskbar icon stays on the taskbar on my first monitor.

Since many other applications do switch taskbars correctly, I assume this is something in Maxthon's code. I haven't tested it with Windows 8, which has a built-in second taskbar.

Can anyone confirm this behavior and tell me if it's something that Maxthon can correct?


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It looks like someone already reported this issue to them, but the Dual Monitor Taskbar does not seem to have had any support for over a year and I think it's an abandoned project.

Link to Maxthon bug report on SF page

It does look like whoever reported the bug knows more about the issue than I do. To quote from the bug report "The reason is Maxthon window has no WS_SYSMENU style." Is this something Maxthon can add to fix this issue?

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