Youtube:You can not write a comment |How to save links

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1. You can not write a comment,

2. You can not show the a reply to the comment,

the problem occurs only in Maxthon browserWhen you perform this operation error has occurred.. Try again. This problem occurs every time (always)


How to save the full address of all links (and save all links) with favorites and history?

Why not have the option "Save all links such as. TXT file"?



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As with all web-shortcuts converted to links and save to normal text!!?

Not shortcut!


Not XML and other

Only list links hxxp:// .......(TXT file)

Example Firefox 100% better.

Click COPY folder and manager grabs links and writes to a text file - verrrrry simple.

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For youtube problems,

Here we tried and everything worked fine: reply to a video and reply to a comment all went fine.

You may try youtube center extension.

For the favorites links: Really sorry , i don't seem to find a way to save all links urls at the once. Only by saving them one by one or exporting them and save to HTML file and convert it to .txt file.



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