Locked tabs are still opening in reverse order...

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It's been a long time now that this bug was reported (and several times), but locked tabs are still opening in reverse order each time I launch Maxthon.

So I have to launch it two times to get my tabs in the order I want.

The same issue with the "last session" tabs was resolved a long time ago, but not the locked tabs one.


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I confirm the observation with a refinement, the tabs don't quite show in reverse order, but the last tab before closing the browser becomes the first tab on re-launch. It would look line reversing the order if there were only 2 locked tabs.

It hasn't been a problem I noticed because I so rarely have locked tabs.

I may have encountered this problem when running with the Alternate OneBar skin that had minimized locked tabs. I remember that on re-launch the locked tabs would be out of order, but never followed up.


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